Group Coaching

Group Coaching

This as a self-guided, group coaching program - which means, everything is already laid out for you in an order where you can easily digest, that aligns with building a successful business from the ground up, however you can go at your own pace, share your progress with us in the chat community, attend live chats, meet and converse with other members where we will offer support, suggestions, thoughts, opinions, etc. all in an effort to have you develop the high performing small business online.

For every section there's a list of tasks you need to perform, so that I can be sure that you know how to use the information in your business.

This could include reading, watching, quizzes and applying. I suggest commiting to at least 3-5 hours weekly, try to schedule a time to work on assignments daily so that it continues to keep you focused on your business.....most entrepreneurs give up because they allow distractions of life to interfere with goal achievement.

What is covered in group coaching for only $40 a month?

Section 1 :

  1. Business planning, create a complete business plan. I walk you through step by step on what should be included within your plan
  2. Taxes / Business Accounting
  3. Time Management
  4. Choosing Your Products/ Service
  5. Pricing Strategies 
  6. Building Your Email List/ Pages

Section 2

Branding start to finish walk through of building your branding strategy to help your business stand out against your competitors. Assignments outline to help you apply concepts to your business with ease.

Section 3

Target Audience start to finish, never wonder how to reach or find your target audience so that you can make sales online again. Theses are the people who are already searching for you online and want what you offer but don't know that your business exist! And you may not yet know how to get your business in front of them. If you don't truly understand them , you will not have consistent sales in your business. A business is only a hobby if you can't make sales!

Section 4

Social Media / Websites Learn Step by step on which platforms will work best for your business, why and how to use it to build brand awareness and make more sales even if you only have a small amount of followers/subscribers. Social media isn't just pictures and videos when you are a CEO.... you need a strategy!

Section 5

Content Planning- If you've ever wondered why your content isn't driving sales, this section teaches you everything you need to know to create the right content that gets the attention of buyers, so that social media becomes a daily sales generator and not just somewhere to post pretty pictures and videos.

Section 6

Email List/ Marketing

Step by Step walk through on how to create and build your email list, create sequences, segment buyers, broadcast and 20+ scripts you can use for your own list, how to use them, when to use them and why they work, within your business. Never worry about what to say in your list again!

Section 7

Social Media Marketing & Digital Ads 

Step by step walk through on how to create the right digital ads on Facebook & Instagram + Google, on a budget for your business. Includes scripts and outlines that you can brand for your own business that works on automatic to bring you new customers and clients.

One on one coaching unfortunately will no longer be available after April 10th 2021, as I focus on group coaching and being more available for members.

I'll See You Inside! 💪🏽

9 Modules

Group Coaching Chat Community

To make it easier for you to log into the Group Coaching chat community all from one place. Click the link below!

In the chat community is where we discuss accountability assignments, meet for weekly live chats every Saturday at 3pm EST, as well as exchange ideas with other members


Introduction To Group

Group coaching membership offers priority to your questions and concerns about building or starting your own business. 

Each section within the group builds off of the previous section, so it is important to complete each lesson prior to moving to the next.

Business Plans Means Success!

In this section of coaching we will be outlining your business plan. Our main focus will be your brand, product/service, target audience and how you plan to get the word out (marketing).

Branding Strategy

Welcome to branding as a group coaching member! In this section we will detailing your branding strategy. Keep in mind to be as detailed as possible within your notes.

Branding is how you get your business to stand out against your competitors!

Identifying Your Target Audience


By reaching the right audience!! In this section of the course I will walk you through outlining your target audience, how to find them as well as how to place your business in the right places for them to find you! You don't want everyone in your audience, the goal is to find a specific group of people who already want what you have, and to show them that you are the best choice.

Social Media Selection

Choosing the best platform for your business will determine if you reach your target audience as well as understand how to offer them the information that they are searching for.

In this section we will outline a marketing strategy concerning using social media.

Be sure to address all questions and concerns within the comment section!

Planning Your Content

Planning your content will piggy back off of which platform you will be using to connect with your target audience as well as who your target audience is.

Be sure to use your notes to complete this section.

Creating & Building Email Lists

In this section we will cover each aspect of email marketing. By the end of this section you will know how to creating, build, organize and grow an email list for your business. 

An email list is important to building your own personal network of people who are interested in your products/ services

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